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Hospitality and wellness is a winning combination and the excellence of Jacuzzi® and the pleasure of benefiting from our products enhances and heightens the enjoyment of your guests throughout the duration of their visit.

Jacuzzi® products and treatments are inspired by the highest sense of wellness and offer your clients a unique experience.

Entering into a partnership with Jacuzzi® is a guarantee of success through new types of clients, increased occupancy rates and the ability to charge a premium.

Customer Case

Commercial Products

Wellness in your…

Customer Case

From single installations to multiple installations on one site or across multiple locations and shared wellness areas, over the years Jacuzzi® has built up an impressive client list. Here you will find not only who has trusted Jacuzzi® with the wellness solutions but read case studies of our successes.

Testimonials from our customers

Our case studies offers real insight from our customers into how Jacuzzi® has integrated into their business to allow them to grow and return significant returns on their investments.

Commercial Products

Jacuzzi® commercial products provide wellness solutions that promote the ultimate experience in luxury and wellness for your guests. The entire commercial product range is designed for intensive use and offers solutions for both single installations and shared wellness areas.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs

The SPAs dedicated to the hospitality field are the perfect space to share a moment of wellness, have fun together and free your mind.


Exclusive materials, innovative design and excellent performances satisfy all the needs of professional users.

Wellness in your…

Jacuzzi® commercial solutions could help your hotel, holiday park or health spa,to become a destination for complete rejuvenation and restoration delivering your guests a unique and memorable experience.
Discover Wellness in your ..

Health Spas

Investing in Jacuzzi® for your health spa is a guarantee of delivering not only wellness but also a unique and memorable experience for your guests.


The prestige of wellness treatments from Jacuzzi® commercial products enhances the enjoyment of a hotel stay to deliver a unique and memorable guest experience.

Holiday parks

We tailor a solution for your business which will deliver a heightened level of enjoyment for your guests as well as a memorable experience.

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